Quick-Turn PCB prototypes

For the reorder of same board ,We won't charge engineerning fee. When you order 10 times sample,We will be giving you a free 2 layers prototype pcbs one time

We understand the 'need for speed' when trying to get a new product to market. We have a dedicated team of people to produce Prototype PCBs.We will give you cheap prototype pcb and fast prototype pcb for save your cost in your new projects. To this end, we offer a comprehensive Printed Circuit Board Prototype PCB Program with a lead time of within 3-5 business days depending on the type of material and its availabilityOver time we have developed a range of standard costs thus enabling our customer to in advance charges for developing their new Prototype PCB(prototype pcb boards). This saves time in not having to wait for Quotations to be calculated.

Please send the gerber file to our E-mail we will be able to provide you with a quote immediately.

Our continued investment in new equipment to assist emerging technology, coupled with thoroughly trained skilled staff, enables us to be flexible in meeting the demands of ever-changing international markets .Kingral Electronics International Co.,ltd is a leader in printed circuit board [PCB] technical Research & Development. Our  expertise and knowledge has proved invaluable in providing solutions to our client’s exact design specifications

Lead time for production orders

           samples lead time                                  production lead time

2 layers            1-3 working days                                  10-13 working days
4 layers            2-7 working days                                  12-15 working days
6 layers           8-10 working days                                  13-20 working days